Frankie Starrson – Makeup & Hairstyling

Frankie Starrson, previously a student and now instructor at Wendon, provides professional makeup and hairstyling services for film and theatre. Contact her on Instagram @iamfrankiestarrson for more!

About Frankie Starrson

Frankie has always enjoyed studying the construction of film and theatre because of the creativity involved in storytelling. She is a graduate of Melbourne Polytechnic's Diploma of Screen and Media (Specialist Make-up Services).

She first became involved with makeup through dance and acting. It all started with a makeup workshop at Wendon Dance Studio when she was 10. Since then, she gradually started helping fellow performers get ready with their hair and makeup at dance concerts, competitions and school concerts over the years.

Frankie regularly works with creatives in the Melbourne Community through short films, stage shows and photoshoots. Her passion for makeup relies on being able to transform whoever is in her makeup chair into a character for their performance.

Services provided by Frankie

Frankie's makeup services include a free trial of the look that her client desires. Her services can suit stage performances and high definition cameras involved for film and television. She can apply techniques for theatrical environments including wig care and styling. Her session hair styling skills include blow drying, straightening, curling and updo styles.

Frankie’s Work

Panic! At The Disco

Frankie's most recent work is a music video tribute for the band "Panic! At The Disco" that was released on October 31st 2019.

The behind-the-scenes video can be found on her Instagram page here.

Song of the Moon

Frankie collaborated with Swinburne's Diploma of Screen and Media (Film and Television) students as part of her assessment for her course on Film Continuity. She did hair and makeup on a short film called Song of the Moon, a Greek absurdist comedy directed by Nick Kehaidis about two grandparents imparting their wisdom on their grandkids.

The film is currently being submitted to film festivals, so it's not released to the public just yet. You can find out more about Song of the Moon on their Facebook page -

Makeup Artistry

Frankie has worked with models and actors to do their makeup in a variety of styles.

From left to right:

  1. Frankie getting actor Jay camera-ready for the Greek short film “Song of the Moon”.
  2. Frankie applying Cabaret makeup on previous Theatre Arts student Nick for her photoshoot assessment in Diploma of Screen and Media - Specialist Makeup Services.

  3. Frankie working on model Theo for a photoshoot in the Royal Botanical Gardens

"Thank you for the makeup! Both my friend and I looked great and we received many compliments at our Year 12 formal."

Wendon student

"I love working with Frankie! The makeup she did on me was so gorgeous."

- worked on a photoshoot with Frankie