Crown 2018 Updates – Entries, Recreational Events & Parking

Crown 2018 is shaping up! Thank you to everyone who has entered; you’re helping us to ensure another wonderful experience in Australia’s magnificent “Crown”. So far, we have entries from all over Australia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and New Zealand.

We hope that you plan to soak in and enjoy the wonderful ambience of Crown Hotel Centre and Casino and all it has to offer, in addition to the amazing dancing that you will be seeing across the 3 days of Crown 2018.

We have just a couple of updates for you so please do take note:

  1. Send your entries as soon as possible
    • Your entry helps us to create a running order in an easier manner and enables us to give it to you faster
  2. If you are keen on front row seats, please book soon as they do run out
  3. Some further clarification regarding recreational events in regard to partnering recreational dancers
    • After a discussion with DSA regarding current rules, and as a result of questions raised by some studios in regard to partnering, it was agreed that as Crown information was distributed prior to the new rules, we should still allow partners of recreational competitors dancing in recreational “individual” events to be partnered  by any registered amateur competitor, providing they have never coached or taught the person concerned.

    • If there is any difficulty entering through p 5000 then do so by sending an email entry to
  4. Parking at Crown
    • Locals need to check out car parking now  as there are some that you can book in advance. Some are quite economical, others can be a bit expensive. Here are some options for you:

If there is anything else we can do to help make your Crown experience easier, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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